Updating the metagenomics toolbox

17-Oct-2018 10:52

by the oxygen transfer capacity of the bioreactor, (ii) by the effect of dilution of the bioreactor content by the feed, i.e.

updating the metagenomics toolbox-51

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In both cases (a and b) the glucose concentration is very low after the initial batch phase.Currently however the industrial high cell-density processes rely on the fed-batch principle.In shaken cultures substrate-limited growth is not commonly applied as it is not trivial to implement a continuous well-controlled feed flow in a shaking environment.The biomass increase over the time is controlled either by the pump (a), or by the enzyme (b).

Many substrate limited fed-batch processes are started as a batch process, until the initial substrate, often glucose, is consumed.

all nutrients are added at the start of the cultivation).

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