Php ini not updating

16-Oct-2018 17:09

It's often the case that the admin section of a site, or a particular page, uses much more memory than other pages.If that is the case, you can conditionally increase memory limits based on the URL of the page.And if you upgrade to PHP 7.1 then you can just copy the custom file over to the 7.1/conf.d folder.As for setting timezone, you can always just tell your own custom script to set its timezone before you bootstrap it.If after running the killall command you see php56.cgi: no process found, this means there are no PHP processes running.Perform a hard refresh in your browser to view your updated page. If your server is running Nginx, you can update your PHP processes by saving your configuration in the panel as mentioned above.

No, in fact there is no way or need for customers to restart services on the Grid.

This domain-level version of overrides the global settings. You can edit the domain-level file through the Plesk Control Panel. For directives that are not listed, raw text can be input in the box at the bottom of this screen.

The standard PHP memory requirements for Drupal core are a bare minimum.

The right one for you depends on your system configuration.

A typical appropriate memory limit for PHP running Drupal is 128MB per process; for sites with a lot of contributed modules or with high-memory pages, 256MB may be more appropriate.It’s possible that even if you’ve correctly added the phprc file, you may not notice its customizations resolving online.